Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Pull of the Pint" Music Video

Just thought I'd post this video I made with The Boy in 2006. I'm going to post some small music drafts as well soon, maybe next week when I'm home.

We made the video in our old apartment with my then hamster "Lassie". The song is "Pull of the Pint" by Cork musician, Bill Coleman. The Boy was designing album artwork for him at the time.

Anyway, here it is..


Candiru Ghost said...

Hey Aidan!
Nice to see you blogging -
I really enjoyed the read - great stuff. God i havent seen you in ages! I'm having birthday drinks in doyles on friday.. you should come along with the boy!..Maria

Aidan said...

Hi Maria!

Thanks a lot :-). Yeah I haven't seen you in ages either. Will be at my parents house this weekend so wont be able to make that, wuda been fun. Me and John were discussing provisional plans to make a short film, maybe around summer time...you want in? I'll tell The Boy about your bday bash, and add a link to your lovely blog on my page.

Happy Birthday :-)

the boy said...

those were the days :)