Thursday, January 24, 2008

Insignificant Passing Thoughts

Just a quick entry to say…

1. My dreams are getting more and more vivid and intense as my daily routine becomes more ritual and mind numbing. I dislike my routine and I miss sleep. Alas, I know that in order to travel soon and afford instruments and food, I need to earn money, and put fun things on the back finger. In my dream last night I was directing a film, and it played out before my eyes and I was composing music at the same time and was hearing it back. Just like a surround sound cinematic experience.

2. My plan for 2008 is to earn money, have a good time generally, be creative, and travel.

3. I don't understand why people enter the rat race. Is it really neccessary? Maybe sometimes I guess. Sometimes I just wish we were all hippies that live in a giant field. It’s really sad seeing all of the miserable commuters making their way to work in the morning (see figure 1.a below for cat equivalent).

Figure 1.a

4. My flatmate was sleeping on the couch this morning with the opening screen of dvd, “Death Proof” on in the background on the TV. I HAVE to find out what the song is playing over and over. It’s so fucking good.

5. I’m a bit depressed today but looking forward. “Lets push things forward”.

6. I have to listen to The Streets “Original Pirate Matieral” more often.

7. I have to get back to work now :-/


the boy said...

mmm...sorry to hear you're down in the dumps today. i can't help you with your job or your weird dreams but if it makes you feel any better i like that linkin park/jay-z song too. see you later.

Brenda said...

Hahaha showah kitty is sad.

Offices pretty much suck your entire life force within the space of a few hours and make you want to cry for no reason all the time, plus papercuts. 'tis awful but you seem to be fighting back in your dreams... good show.

When things get really bad, I like to hide under the desk in the dark for a little bit and send mini stationery collages to people, at the office's expense. It brings me great joy.
Sometimes I get everyone to sit on the floor in the boardroom and make them do yoga. They do anything I say cuz I'm the only one that can make their computers print and I listen to them complain about lower back pain.

Bring in a lolly jar for everyone or start giving them stickers at the end of the day. I mean, hey, they already think you're on drugs, right? The only way you're gonna make it through is if you make it fun somehow; otherwise, try to go outside for lunch/sunshine as much as possible.

the boy said...

an afterthought: i don't wanna preach but focus on the positive, you're working for a good organisation that you find working at a bit boring sometimes but you're not there for life. working gives you money for your music and you have travel to look forward to. in the words of mike skinner aka the streets, "just try and stay positive"

Aidan said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Brenda, I'm also pretty sure that the 32 women and 2 men that I work with think that I'm gay already, so the stickers and lolly jar would do no harm. It will be fabulous. Wow, yoga at work would be great :-).

You're right, making it fun defo helps to get through the day. And sunshine is great when it's here. I was exhausted yesterday too, so that didn't help. I look ok today, so work's made a bit better because of that...isn't it strange how your self-image shapes your mood from time to time?!

John, yes, that's true. Positivity is great and productive. Sometimes when I look back on things I've written (like yesterdays blog) and just cringe, because i just think "stop whining you stupid fucker". But I guess at the time, the emotion was there, and that makes it valid, unfortunately.

Was great to see you last night, thanks for the pressie, he rocks, I'm gona name him...Harry :-).

Peace and Positivity,

Freckled Past said...

Think The Streets will ever have a gig in Cork?