Saturday, May 17, 2008

My new buddy (well... kinda)!

I met Michael Stipe last night. We had a lovely chat about singing and recording and life. Body Language was just perfect - no awkward silences, no defensive postures and plenty of quality eye contact. We were in a house owned by his recording engineer. There was no sign of Mike Mills or Peter Buck. The conversation went on for what seemed like hours. I felt like I was really making a connection with him and I felt privalaged that he was opening up to me. At that moment, Michael Stipe became my new best friend...

Of course I woke up soon afterwards. My dream self has done some pretty cool things so far in its life and met some really great people. I'm beginning to think he has a more interesting life than mine actually... bastard! I suppose the line "You can make your dreams come true" in this day and age, has never been so close to the truth. Ok, I'm off to meet Michael Stipe and to marry Audrey Tautou. Yeah, just you watch me, Mr. Dream Self... the tables have turned. Hmmph!