Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr. Nick Riviera

I'm lying in bed feeling like I'm about to pass out. So, just in case this is my last hour, I've decided to write a post to the world :-). Hi Everybody!! Uh-oh, that's Dr. Nicks catch phrase. Anyway, I digress...

The problem is my heart - it's unusually weak and my heartbeat is extremely slow. I feel dizzy, disorientated and faint. I went to bed a couple of hours ago, slept for a bit, then woke up because of this silly thing :(! My chest feels very strange indeed. Pfft, anyway I'm trying to take my mind off of it.

I haven't written here in a while for a few reasons. I like to call this a transitional phase. I'm getting ready to move soon and I've got about 1 million things planned. In the mean time I'm in auto-pilot mode. I'm taking this time to sort out the messy stuff in my world, and to write, read, listen and learn. A lot has happened in the last while but for the life of me I can't remember right now. Something about muffins perhaps...? I will update properly soon.

So I have insomnia, I'm possibly about to die, and to add insult to injury, I'm on the myspace chat room. Yes, it has come to this. I foolishly asked the room if what I'm experiencing is normal. Some dude prescribed "some blow". Hmm. Professional advice right there. Another dude is persistantly looking for "any horny girls in the room". Perhaps my course of action was misguided..maybe a proper phone call to a qualified doctor is in order?!

Anyway, I'm ranting. I suppose I'll try go back to sleep. If I don't wake up in the morning, it was lovely knowing you all :-). Take good care of yourselves. Follow that dream. Peace and Love, Aidan.


the boy said...

god mind yourself!

Brenda said...

Dude... Don't you DARE die! Lincraft is taking 30% off yarn today and I'm making you a fucking jumper!

Maybe you need some B12?

stay safe!

Aidan said...

Thanks guys. I'm better now (See Update).

Big thanks for the Indian food John and for the jumpa idea Brenda!! 30% off?! Sounds like a good deal right there ;) As for B12, I think I have enough..but maybe I can use it as an excuse to put Rice Crispies back on my shopping list?! Hmm...