Thursday, July 31, 2008


Needless to say I didn't die, which, for the posts case is a bit of a disappointment. Forget rock n' roll deaths (which are so 1994) - blogger deaths are so in right now :-p

To cop my head on, I ate 2 Snickers bars and drank a big glass of water. The guilt was cancelled out by my theory that this sugery, fatty, advertised by Mr T concoction was gona cure me - and it did! I slept like a baby and haven't had any probs since. Should Snickers be a new prescription option for Docs?!

(PS that isn't tacky, it's just your imagination)


Brenda said...

Dude... what about Peanut related deaths? You gotta be all inclusive nowadays!

Aidan said...

Yikes! Forgot about that. Strange how one persons saviour can be another persons arch enemy :(!

Brenda said...

*throws yeast at you*

Ha!!!! Take that Boyo!

But damn... snickers bars really do look good :-(

Aidan said...

Haha yes they do! And yeast is the devils work but still I cannot ignore you, pizza, oh no :-(!

Plus: Oatabix aren't quite as nice as Weetabix. Pfft..!