Friday, February 13, 2009

Purposely Naive

I was nominated for "Best Actor" at the Oscars on Tuesday night. It was pretty cool; I got to dress up in a tuxedo and schmooze with Woody Allen. Of course I won the award, and was all set to accept it. However, unlike the Normal Oscars where you accept the award by walking up to the stage from the crowd, the Dream Oscars get you to come out from behind the stage. Fair enough, or so I thought...!

When my name was called, the silly doors at the back of the stage wouldn't open for me. Sabotaggge!!! I panicked; ran to get a glass of water (I dunno, maybe I thought it would erode the door?) but no luck. I finally got them open through brute force and some screaming. Dignified, I passed through the doors and expected to see the stage and my dear Oscar. Instead, I was led down what appeared to be an infinite hallway. Bastards! I heard over the PA that the award went to Benicio Del Toro, by default. My consolation prize was hanging out with a girl who was too scene for her own good. Great.

It was reassuring to note that sometimes my dream self fucks up just as much as I do in real life. All of this meeting Michael Stipe business was getting a bit too much, pfft! It was pretty much 1-0 to me after I ate a full tub of Rolo Ice-Cream on Wednesday. Also, my brother phoned me yesterday and I laughed so much that my face was literally covered in tears. That was nice too, it has been a while. Going out with John tomorrow for an anti-valentines night! Should be good :).

I'm watching the evening news right now. You know, all of this talk of recession can make a happy cat turn sad. I think it's important to stay purposely naive, within reason. I fully realise that some people in Ireland and elsewhere are so fucking broke right now, but why let it dictate how we feel? The economists are practically having a fit talking about "how bad we have it right now". Bush fires in Australia or the plane crash in New York State, that's serious. But since when did money mean so much? I know I sound like a delusional prick but rough economic times or not, you know, it's a shame if we can't enjoy it, isn't it?

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